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30s and i'm sure we will have upper 20ss before everything is said and done as temperatures continue behind this cold air mass it didn't do much rainwise not much of a breeze and we will continue to see patchy fog forming where there was not a breeze. fog, patchy, cold out there. a little breeze at times. highs will be in the 50s but cool. traffic is moving pretty nicely if you are driving in the bay area no major problems if you are coming up to the willow pass grade. and on 880 north and southbound, that traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving on 101, it
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is moving nicely putting you on the split, let's go to the desk. dozens of occupied demonstrators are at the port and they have managed to block hundreds of workers who showed up for their 3:00 a.m. shift. they succeeded in shutting down operations for the second time in less than a month and we showed you yesterday morning and last night, it has already cost hundreds of workers pay they would have received on a typical shift on the port of oakland. >> all right, their families should have a nice day at work. >> i am an owner operator because we push 1100 miles and how this affects me is about a
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dollar 30 a mile. >> and tara moriarty is watching protesters and she will have a live update coming up. they targeted the ports up and down the coast. last night at the ports of seattle they got out of hand. >> that was a scene as they used pepper spray to break up a crowd of demonstrators who tried to block the port there. several were spotted throwing paint and other items at police. officers made at least a dozen arrests but there are no reports of any serious injuries. stay with us for continuing coverage and we will be there every half hour at the morning news on mornings on 2 and you
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can get updates by going to our website it happened at 5:00 last night on fitzgerald dry. the victim is in -- the -- fitzgerald drive. the victim was targeted and they have not released a description. it happened at 8:30 on interstate 5 near state route 14. it caused a traffic back up for miles. three people were treated for injuries. some of them contained gas crude oil and fortunately none of them had ruptured. it had been raining throughout
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the day but it's not clear what caused the crash. the cuts come after california failed to meet a $4 billion projected increase in tax revenue. public education faces the largest cuts. they could lose $100 million each and community college fees could go up $10 million per unit. this shortfall comes in addition to the projected new budget year starting in july. due to the new cuts, they may adopt a qualified budget at today's meeting. they will do it if they cannot meet the obligations. it shows it will not be able to pay their bills through 2014 and they are looking at approving million dollars for solar power at one of their
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schools. today we will introduce a bill that could cut costs. what all students need that could soon be completely free. and now the park is located near morgan hill and santa clara county the parks department are going to keep the park open through 2015 and 15 state parks originally slated foreclosure are likely to stay open now because of new partnerships. >> i think this is two or three years at the most and we are hoping at that time, our economist will improve and we will get out of this recession... >> state parks in marin
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counties are also staying open. the man accused of a shooting on black friday in marin county will be charged with two counts of attempted robbery and murder and one count of attempted robbery. during a botched robbery, watson was arrested outside of an east oakland home after hours long standoff with police. police are still looking for two other men believed to be involved in that shooting. penn state hearing for former head coach is set to get underway in about an hour. some of the young men and teenagers are expected to take the stand today. >> reporter: good morning, it
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will be the first time at the courthouse where jerry sandusky will come face to face with his accusers. some say the abuse happened in jerry sandusky's home and right now he is free on bail wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet and maintains his innocence. during tuesday, the prosecution has to convince the judge there is enough evidence to take the case to trial. >> jerry sandusky does not think it is going to get thrown out. even if only one of these kids is believed, that is a serious case. >> jerry sandusky will have the opportunity to testify. at least one man is preparing for what his attorney says will be a very difficult day. >> he has been told essentially
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tell the truth and prepare by simply trying to relax as best as he cool. >> reporter: they will likely be asked to recount what happened with jerry sandusky and will be submitted to tough questions from the defense. >> we are looking for them to tell us what happened and then we will look into how it didn't happen the way they say. >> and -- >> reporter: and mike mcqueary, it was his testimony that put jerry sandusky in a shower performing a sex act with a young boy, pam? >> chris, thank you very much for that update. a credit card scam has one bank taking action. they are issuing bank cards
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even if they their cards had not been compromised. it comes after several scams in 24 bay area stores. >> it is in the tens of thousands of dollars... >> lucky is also helping some new star moms who have been a victim, the check gave them $4,000 so they can continue to send care packages to troops overseas. pg&e is threatening to cut their power because they disk connected their smart meters. here is the letter she received because of health concerns. pg&e agreed to install it's an log meter. >> i am sad for one thing they would not listen to me, i had to pay an attorney but the
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thing is what about other people who are having problems, that is my concern. >> pg&e said it is unlawful and dangerous to disconnect devices and state regulators could come as soon as mid-january and that would allow them to opt out from smart meters. they are hosting a meeting for a bike path on the bridge. many of them will push for an eastern span and the new span will allow bicyclist to have a path to oakland for the first time but there is no plans between the two islands in san francisco. right now it is 40, goods morning sat. all traffic is working well
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as a matter of fact not a bad commute at all, and no major problems via the bay bridge. traffic is moving nicely at the toll plaza and no troubles getting into san francisco. also the morning commute right there through the middle of downtown san jose, it is great with no troubles on 17 coming down to the valley. 4:14 here is testimony. >> it is cold out there a little system on thursday. at least we are quiet to until christmas. dry weather returns but as that low settles in we have cold air in place and patchy fog and i didn't see anything on the way in, there are still a couple of
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reports and any breeze will take care of it but there is a lot of cold temperatures in fact 44 in the city 36 redwood city, livermore at 34 and 31 at fairfield. i think i saw their dew point. so there is a lot of dry air really close. everybody else is calm so when you have a calm condition, it allows a fair condition. they are still dealing with some rain but we are not, we have clear skies and that little system, the little guy spinning, this is our thursday system, and some patchy fog, upper temperatures 53 to 56 should cover most of it.
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we bring in some rain and clear it out, weekend dry, mild and will be cold. 4:42 is the time, problems found at head starts around the country, what is potentially putting hundreds of thousands of children at risk? and a school shooting leaves two students injured, but it was not a student who pulled the trigger, we will find out who police are questioning.
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28 in santa rosa. 0 the helicopter were on a training mission south much the shooting happened last night during a basketball tryout. they took them in for questioning, police will not say if the shooting appears to be accidental origin tensionnal. republicans in the house of
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representatives will put them in for a vote today the republican plan contains several provisions including extenting the pay freeze on federal workers for another year and gradually chargeing them more >> we can't leave for the holidays without passing a payroll tax cut for the middle- class >> democrats in the senate will not approve the republican plan that is because they speed up approval for a controversial pipeline in texas it is just one safety violation found at head starts across the country that is according to a report out today by the health and human services department.
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the president and al-maliki paid respects with a wreathe laying. the two leaders met at the white house to make a dedication to their relationship. >> people can resolve their differences peacefully through their democratic process.
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>> he has delivered a formal request for the unmanned surveillance drone and they are not hopeful iran will comply. they were captured by iran's forces and they say they are close to recovering data from the drone. defense secretary leon panetta said he will visit from an eight month civil war. leon panetta wants to help as the people take back their country. the defense secretary plans amidst ongoing violence and clashes with troops right near tripoli's airport, they will resolve their differences. they are safe after a
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dramatic rescue. a crowd of people watched as the frightening scene unfolded. take a look at that scaffolding when he somehow slipped and fell. you can see he is tethered on there. the only thing that kept him from crashing to the pavement is that safety harness. >> if he did not have that safety harness he would have been a goner. >> they will hear details of a proposal that could cut college costs. they will join car roll sign itberg in sacramento and he is introducing a bill to create a free online book used in many online division courses. it cost them hundreds of dollars each academic year. anonymous help for a south bay cancer patient, the
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generous gift hidden in a bag of a cad does in -- in a bag of vegetables on her doorstep. stay tuned for more.
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. stamford and notre dame could lead to more outside sports for all of the 12 pack schools. all right, coming up on 5:00 we want to go back over to sal, hopefully there are no more problems.
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we have to worry though. >> but you have to worry about china. >> china. >> let's go back to the pictures and traffic is moving along nicely here, if you are driving on the bay bridge, it is a nice drive with no problems and no issues here if you are driving across the bridge all the other way around from san francisco to oakland. interstate 880 looks good in both directions to the oakland coliseum in both directions no problems and it looks good all the way to the south bay, sunnyville san jose and coming in from freemont city, it is a good time to go. 4:54 let's go to steve. it's clear, we had a wallop for them but for us, a system is coming in with a cold start to the day probably a breeze to
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start things up a bit 28 up in santa rosa and i saw it between 28 and 30 and a lot of 34s in san francisco, that is cold. any wind will dispurse the fog -- disburse the -- disburse the fog. it is on its way out and it is going to be a whopper, it is raining all day in san diego and for us we get the dry air so cold morning, a little breeze at times, a lot of sunshine today, we don't have long to enjoy it. 50s on the temperatures and at best it should cover it. cold mornings, sunny days, and thursday a little system clips us, friday a breeze as the system develops down in sunny california. mornings will be dry, days will be okay. a great story, south bay
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cancer patient has new hope after receiving a generous anonymous gift. she was misdiagnosed two years ago and that allowed a opportunitier in her uterus to grow out of control. then she went to a texas clinic that -- clinic that gave her a new treatment plan. keizer refuses to pay for it so she is paying for her self but now she has received help in the form of a $10,000 check tucked into a bag of vegetables left on her doorstep. >> i started crying, i could not believe somebody could be so generous. >> my mom lives no more than five minutes from here. >> friends and family continue to protest outside dieser
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hospital. anybody who wants to stop by san francisco's post office in the bay view neighborhood at 11:00 this morning and you can pick up letters on friday is. they are participating in the letters to santa program in oakland as well. occupation of oakland port heads into a second day and the goal of protesters today is coming up in a live report. plus a local man is in trouble for running a sperm bank, we will find out what action they are taking this morning.
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. protesters shut down in the port of oakland but will they keep going, we will have a live report. we have some robberies over the past week. alleged predator jerry sandusky has just arrived at hearing in pennsylvania, the action they are taking to make tougher laws against child abuse. and a crackdown on a one man sperm bank, the reason behind the controversy and the man says he

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